01 | Overview


Turn the MetaQuest 2 headset into a "college essential."


National Student Advertising Competition 2022.


First place out of 97 teams


Creative Director


When talking to current college students about college essentials, we heard the obvious laptop, textbooks, and twin XL sheets, but overwhelmingly, Gen Z's said the memories they make with their friends were the most important part of their university experience. These intangible moments change their perspective and shape them into the person they're meant to be.


Position MetaQuest 2 as a tool for Gen Z to create "intangible moments."

02 | ADS

Cut out Billboards

Cut out Billboards

We'll blur the lines between reality and virtual reality with cutout billboards. These reimagine our static ads by using the real sky as the canvas, reinforcingour message that VR enhances reality, not a replacement for it.

03 | Videos

04 | The Plans Book

05 | Reflections

My senior year of undergrad, I was chosen to help lead the creative section of Texas Tech's National Student Advertising Competition. Working on this team is what sparked my love for advertising and band experiences.