01 | Overview


The GoodReads platform has not been updated since being acquired by Amazon in 2012.


VCU Brandcenter Student Project


User Research 

UI/UX Design






Goodreads was the future of digital book communities. But within the last 10 years, Amazon has failed to update the UX/UI, turning readers to other platforms like Instagram and TikTok to build community. The app has extensive features that have the potential to help users find great books and cultivate strong communities, but the current interface has rendered these feature difficult to navigate, out dated and algorithmically out of touch. Our new update aims to alleviate these issues and create a Goodreads Renaissance.

Current UI


How might we update the platform to fit the needs of modern day readers?


How might we update the platform to fit the needs of modern day readers?

02 | The Solution

The home for ravenous readers. This new rendition of the beloved app emphasizes community and discovery, while paying homage to GoodRead's original brand identity. The newly structured interface and updated algorithm makes finding your next favorite book, or your new book cub easier than ever before.


GoodReads users have been requesting certain features for years. With this update we will implement the most popular requests, DNF, re-reading, and half star features.

Book Clubs

Within the new Community feature, users can join and create public and private book clubs where they can connect with readers interested in similar books.


Another method users can utilize to discover new reads is through GoodRead's bookshelf feature. Previously this feature was easily missable and not used by most users.

Now Bookshelves can be found in the community tab, to encourage users to utilize this feature, every week the most saved 4 bookshelves will be featured on the community page.

Author Pages

Authors can now be GoodReads verified. Users can follow their favorite authors and stay up to date with new releases through their channel.


The new profile will allow more room for personalization, including a my recommendations section.

03 | The Process

05 | Reflections

 I learned so much from this project. It was trial and error, seeing what work and what doesn’t and reiterating and reiterating. This project really highlighted the importance of designing through user flows and use cases.


Sarah Newman(ST)

Anna Lyle Collett (AD)